Education is the all round glory of body, mind and soul”. Under this background the holy land, the land of the great emerged to life light towards the development of tribal culture, which was highly enriched with its tradition. With passage of time democracy has played its important role to eradicate illiteracy and poverty. The ray of hope and aspiration for the up lift ment of social justice and education was begun after India got Independent and the people of Dabugaon. Finally the public with his holistic support dreamt to establish an Institution to inculcate higher education to the under developed tribal people.

In the nostalgic beauty of nature and landscape Bhairab Degree College, Dabugaon was able to see the rising sun in year 1987. The dedication and devotion of its people, staff and students the college fulfilled its basic aims and objectives, of course with many ups and down. Thus it became the educational HUB not only in Dabugaon but also its adjacent area.


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